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Alia Musica Pittsburgh

Artistic Director. 2007-16

Leadership and governance: co-founded chamber ensemble (2007); led incorporation and tax-exempt determination processes (2009-10); assisted in board development; led board and member meetings
Financial: designed and executed all project and season budgets; managed all cash flow and accounting; reported to funders, board, and government; managed an overall growth from $8,500 to $115,000
Fundraising: approximately $250,000 over nine years through individual donations and grants; cultivated donor relations through stewardship, receptions, benefit events
Administrative: produced eight seasons of public events; scheduled rehearsals and performances; auditioned members and contracted all performers; booked and organized performances in four states
Marketing: oversaw graphic design and branding; coordinated social media communications; designed advertising campaigns; maintained electronic and physical mailing lists; coordinated media presence through press releases and interviews
Curatorial: oversaw all programming and repertory; identified, initiated, and cultivated collaborations with local, national, and international artists; promoted partnerships with other new music organizations in Pittsburgh, Texas, New York, Chicago, Georgia, and Panama.

Pittsburgh Festival of New Music

Director. 2014, 2016

  • Designed and executed festival budget.
  • Raised funds through extraordinary grants and individual donations.
  • Curated artistic programming and detailed performance schedule.
  • Created and maintained partnerships with arts and urban development organizations.
  • Created sponsorships with businesses and media.
  • Oversaw marketing campaign and graphic design, and coordinated press communications.
  • Selected feature artists: Frederic Rzewski (2014), Tony Arnold, Allen Otte (2016).
  • Selected highlight performances: John Luther Adams' Inuksuit (for 9-99 percussionists, 2014), Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning (for a large number of trained and untrained musicians, 2016), flashmob of the ending of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite (2016).

Hear/Now Festival of New Sounds

At the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. Curator. 2012

  • Selected guest artists and performances in coordination with the theater's budget.
  • Advised theater staff on new music marketing.
  • Initiated contact with featured local and national artists and organizations.
  • Represented the festival in interviews, panel discussion, and performances.